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Did You Hear That?

2012-02-28 01:01:55 by drodZILiA

Go check it out!

Long time, no see, NG!

2012-02-19 12:12:24 by drodZILiA

Hey peoples, remember me? Probably not.

For anyone interested, GP3 is in progress. It is going to take a longer time to finish this episode, due to life being a tad busy lately. I can't really give an estimated release date for it at the moment, but all I know is it won't come out any time soon. This episode is going to be a big one, and will be split into 2 parts, in hopes to fit more content into the story! I may possibly release another short animation during the production of GP3 P1, but GP is my highest priority animation-wise at the moment, so probably not.



2011-11-26 12:35:08 by drodZILiA

Hey guys! Haven't seen you in a while! Here's a little update on current happening.

So GP3 (Part 1) should be out in a month or two if all goes well. School and general laziness have caused LeatherFatty7 and I to delay the script writing a whole lot, but we finally got a first draft finished. This one will contain even more non-sequitur comedy than the last two! Also, this one will have more planning put into it, so production may last longer than the other episodes.

Anyways, toodles!

I Have A Problem

2011-09-30 20:34:29 by drodZILiA

As I go along with an animation, the quality goes down more and more, especially in the last 30 seconds or so. Why I do this, I'm not sure. It is pretty evident in GP1 and a little less evident in GP2, but still obvious nonetheless.

I'm hoping to break this habit in GP3, but a man can only dream.

If any of y'all animators out there have any advice, drop a comment on this post.


After months of waiting, it's finally here!

I hope you guys like it! :D

Right now, I have finished probably around 1/3 of the animation, but I can't really predict how long the full thing will be. We are thinking around 10 minutes, however it could be totally different.

Since school starts next week, I probably won't have as much time to work on it as I do now, so maybe I'll do an animation grinding session (or a few) before summer is over. We have no set due date, but I'm thinking it will be sometime in September.

Also, here is the preview screenshot I promised! :D

Update on Generic Protagonist Episode II, and A PREVIEW SCREENSHOT!!!!!#!@#@2212897419

Hopefully it will be done before September, but things can change, so don't hold your breath. In this episode we introduce some new characters, too! I'm hoping for this episode to look a little better than the last, and so far it already does.

So keep an eye out around the beginning of September for the next installment in GP's crazy adventures!

Gundam Wing Final Battle FINALLY FINISHED

2011-07-02 02:07:46 by drodZILiA

Yes, you heard me. IT IS DONE. What should have taken 3 weeks max took FOUR MONTHS. Why? Because I am lazy and spent more time making boob sculptures in Minecraft than actually working. I even changed my blurb about me so it is more accurate.

Anywho, I'm glad I got it off my shoulders.

Also, Miles and I now have a script put together for the next Generic Protagonist adventure and although we were hoping to get it out by August or September, it may be a lot later due to some unforeseen bumps in the road. I will try to keep the good people of Newgrounds informed about the process of its completion.



2011-03-06 12:30:32 by drodZILiA

Hey guys. I don't know what the hell happened in the last 24 hours, but when I signed on NG, I found a new submission on my account.

It was actually pretty funny, so vote five.


Flash Broke, Lost Everything

2011-02-16 21:09:24 by drodZILiA


Anyways, I just decided I wanted to make a news post, and since all the cool kids trick people with the subjects, I tried it out too.

Right now my main focus is on a TOTALY ORIGNAL animation of one of Peter Chimaera's amazing works of fiction. I will have to brace myself for the armies of ten year olds saying "u steeld frum djy1991 fagggggg xd -9999999/5". The Exmortis parody is halted at the moment.

Also, I got Minecraft. It's fun. I don't know why the hell it's fun, but it's fun nonetheless.